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"I love to read and listen to inspirational stories, but sometimes it is difficult to apply any of their content to your own life. In writing Personal Best I wanted to share my life experiences, to relate how I dealt with, and overcame, the different challenges that I faced and then went on to achieve success. But, more importantly, I wanted to do it in a way that might be useful to others.


Personal Best by Marc WoodsIn beating cancer as a teenager, I may have lost a leg, but I gained a new respect for life and a second chance. My experience taught me to approach life in a different way. It taught me to measure myself against my potential and not against others. It taught me about personal responsibility. It taught me that life is about being the best person you can be.

If you are lucky, life teaches you what you don't learn at school. I've been very lucky. I've learnt some tough, but invaluable lessons about life on my journey. I'd like to share those lessons with you."

“I have had many things taken away from me in life, but in return I have gained a respect for life itself.”
From the introduction of Personal Best

"Personal Best is a truly inspirational book, written with great honesty, compassion and humility. Marc's ability to overcome adversity and triumph in so many diverse areas is an example to us all. His immense sporting achievements and his work on behalf of the Teenage Cancer Trust is unequalled and his indomitable spirit shines through."
Sarah, the Duchess of York

"Marc has a remarkable story and is an absolute inspiration"
Roger Daltrey

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Beyond The Call - Marc WoodsMarc's Latest book 'Beyond the Call'

Learn how to increase morale and improve the dynamics of your team.

Getting some team members to do event the simplest task is often like pulling teeth, whilst other individuals surprise you with their passion and desire to deliver more than expected. These people go the extra mile for the business, are a pleasure to work with, and provide an extraordinary customer experience.

But why aren't all of your team like that? How can you tap into other peoples discretionary effort? How can you transform compliance into excellence?

Beyond the Call will help you to:

  • Maximise your team's performance
  • Create environments that will motivate the people you work with
  • Boost levels of energy by using the authors tried and tested Discretionary Effort Model
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