Marc has written three books. Most notably Personal Best, a combination of his inspirational life story and personal development advice, and Beyond the Call which, supported by research from New York University, looks at how to create conditions within an organisation that make employees more likely to go the extra mile.

Personal Best

“I have had many things taken away from me in life, but in return I have gained a respect for life itself.”

Beyond the Call

“Getting some team members to do even the simplest task is often like pulling teeth, whilst other individuals surprise you with their passion and desire to deliver more than expected. These people go the extra mile for the business, are a pleasure to work with, and provide an extraordinary customer experience. But why aren't all of your team like that? How can you tap into other people’s discretionary effort? How can you transform compliance into excellence?”

  • “Marc’s story is one where adversity spurred him on to reach his personal best and achieve more than most people could dream of. If you have any interest in reaching your personal best, this book is a must read. Thanks Marc for the inspiration and guidance.”

  • “He can swim and he can write. Not many people can say that.”

  • “Marc has a remarkable story and is an absolute inspiration.”

  • “Personal Best is a truly inspirational book, written with great honesty, compassion and humility. His immense sporting achievements and his work on behalf of the Teenage Cancer Trust is unequalled and his indomitable spirit shines through.”

  • “Marc Woods is a great sportsman with a compelling story to tell.  You will be moved and motivated by this book, in which you will find courage, determination, inspiration and equality.”

  • “An astonishing blending of tactics and ethics, of quietly inspirational exhortation without heavy salesmanship.”

  • “Marc's impact within Sainsbury's has been far reaching as our sponsorship of the Paralympic Games has come to life. We have created our own Sainsbury's version of this book because it applies to all of us, individually and as a business.”