Meyler Campbell trained and Association of Coaching accredited, Marc works with senior executives to fulfil their own potential and help them realise the potential of the people they lead.

In an ever-disruptive world, Marc is typically called upon at times of transformation. This may come in the form of a new role and responsibilities for an individual, shifts in the competitive landscape, or organisational change, such as an M&A or restructure.

As part of his work with executive teams Marc also creates and hosts senior executive retreats. Building trust, gaining clarity on business objectives and developing collaborative team dynamics.

Intuitive and direct in style, Marc offers a sounding board to check and challenge thinking and behaviours. The ultimate aim is to gain clarity and build confidence in the decisions and actions being taken in order to enable performance at the highest level.

  • “Over a relatively short period, I can honestly say I've made significant leaps in terms of my leadership style, which likely wouldn't have happened without his support.”

  • “Marc’s coaching focused me on what can really help me improve.”

  • “I’m confident that the impact will be lasting.”

  • “Approachability, real world examples translated to actionable efforts, tools and techniques that are flexible, scalable and realistic, as well as a focus on values resonated with me and has been impactful.”

  • “Marc's coaching technique has allowed me to recognise things within myself, that I probably already knew but chose not address.”

  • “Marc brings a fresh and vibrant approach and skill set to the table.”

  • “Marc is a genuine down to earth guy who has an uncanny way of instigating a conversation with yourself that results in an action plan to address your complex problems.  Always a value-add pleasure to spend time with Marc!”

  • “His ability to listen, ask insightful questions and help frame next steps have been helpful for not only me but the company.”

  • “As a new employee, Marc’s coaching has been extremely helpful for me to assimilate seamlessly to our culture.”