”I want to focus attendees on getting everything they can out of the meeting.”

Marc has presented to organisations in 32 countries working closely with clients to ensure that the emphasis of his speech complements the issues currently being faced in the organisation.

His distinctive, open style, demonstrates his passion for life, draws on themes such as coping with the unexpected, personal resilience, agreeing on what success looks like, and teamwork, and creates an experience for audiences that is both moving, humorous and motivating.

Not only will the audience refer to his words throughout the conference, but through the rest of your event the other speakers are also likely to refer to elements of his story to enhance their own presentations, thereby increasing the take-home value for delegates. In addition to keynote presentations, Marc also hosts events, awards and workshops.

Watch Marc

Why Marc?

A remarkable story

You will get a powerful story with a motivating and inspiring message.

Audience engagement

Carefully weaving current business priorities into his personal journey to maximise engagement.

Experience and entertainment

An impactful story teller bringing humour and emotion to every presentation.

  • “Marc is one of the most inspirational speakers I have ever heard and his story is one of great courage, determination and compassion.”

  • “Marc is a master story teller and the stories he tells have powerful parallels to the work place.”

  • “Marc Woods' personal story of achievement in the face of adversity is hugely inspiring. His great skill lies in communicating the lessons he has learnt in a way that entertains but also challenges.”

  • “His authentic story shows how determination, challenge and a constant desire to improve makes dreams come true.”

  • “To connect with people is a difficult skill, but to connect, move and emotionally involve is beyond that, and Marc is one of those rare speakers capable of this.”

  • “Marc is one of those rare people who has the gift of inspiring people of all ages. His visit to Malaysia was invaluable. He motivated ministry officials, journalists and school kids to reflect on what really matters in life and encouraged them to achieve their goals to the best of their ability.”

  • “Marc Woods has been the inspiration behind many of my teams successes over the last 5 years. Both his personal presentations and his outstanding book "Personal Best" have shown my team not only what can be achieved, but more importantly how personal and business success comes from within.”

  • “Marc is a truly inspirational speaker. I personally was humbled as I listened to Marc's experiences and was elated by his triumphs.”

  • “Marc is an inspirational, insightful and highly amusing speaker who ably draws out valuable life and business lessons from his personal story in a thought provoking, challenging manner.”

  • “I can safely say that everyone who heard Marc’s story left the session moved, inspired and motivated to work that little bit harder.”

  • “Suffice to say it was easily the high point of the day, and everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY who attended that I've spoken to feel exactly the same.”

  • “You made clear links to your experiences and what we need to do as a business in a way which wasn’t forced and totally applicable.”

  • “The most inspirational speech of my career, I have attended a lot of team days and never come away feeling so enlightened and enthusiastic about my future.”